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Discipline-specific Consulting

The characteristics of some disciplines require profiled experience. Through a practical understanding of specific issues, we are able to offer assistance that goes beyond mere legal consulting. We can identify proven, ready-made solutions and advise on their implementation.


Tax Advisory

CONSELION Law and Taxes offers its Clients comprehensive advice in the key area for each enterprise - the taxes. Our team of experienced lawyers, financiers, analysts and auditors give a guarantee of creating an effective fiscal policy, based on a carefully developed procedures and proven legal and financial solutions.

Legal Advice

Practice of CONSELION Law and Taxes covers all areas of law relating to conducting business in the markets in Poland and abroad. Solutions we develop combine existing legal conditions of economic realities and expectations of Clients.

Transaction and Capital Advisory

Advices offered by CONSELION Law and Taxes in the transactional and capital area covers a broad spectrum of activities, aiming at optimizing development potential of the enterprise, key transactions and projects affecting its position and market value. This applies equally to the most important processes related to strategic enterprise management and strategic objectives of its owners.



We thought it was time for people to have a chance to talk to lawyers who will give them a fair assessment and look for solutions under the law rather than above it.

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For many years we have been supporting and helping our Clients, both business and individual. During this time we have gained extensive experience and specialized in the provision of legal services. Almost in every case, our customers achieve measurable benefits by using the solutions we propose.
I would like to invite you to familiarize yourself with our solutions. At the same time, we believe that our proposal will be a good start for future cooperation. 




Legal Counselor. Tomasz Kosoń




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CONSELION Prawo i Podatki Kosoń i Wspólnicy Spółka Komandytowa
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