Industry consulting

The nature of some industries requires specialized experience. Through a practical understanding of specific issues - we are able to offer assistance that goes beyond mere legal advice. We can identify proven, ready-made solutions and advise on their implementation.


Our specialties in this area include the following industries:

Relation of construction process is governed by its own laws. Not only the Investor - General Contractor (GC) and Subcontractor relations are particularly regulated by the Civil Code, but also the entire construction process from concept, design (construction design - detailed designs), arrangements, to finishing requires experience and special care.


The Investor cares about the object made according to the project and correctly accepted for use. It is also important for the Investor to pay the budgeted amount for the completed object and to avoid additional works, which are not only unforeseen, but of course increase the cost of investment implementation.


Contractors care about such an agreement and relations with the Investor in order to perform the offered works and not to add their own funds during the construction.


We understand these dependencies and secure construction processes and, above all, help to avoid doubts and lawsuits.


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