Industry consulting

The nature of some industries requires specialized experience. Through a practical understanding of specific issues - we are able to offer assistance that goes beyond mere legal advice. We can identify proven, ready-made solutions and advise on their implementation.


Our specialties in this area include the following industries:


For financial investments:

  • search, investigate risks, prepare documentation, supervise execution.

For real estate investments (purchase, construction, renovation of a house or apartment):

  • Property verification - description, land records status, networks, easements, local zoning;
  • Examine the legal and financial condition of the seller of the property (developer);
  • Seeking and assisting in the selection and audit of construction contractors;
  • Analysis of documentation: real estate sales contract, construction contract, renovation contract.
  • Contract drafting:
    • 1. Contract drafting:
    • 2. for construction works;
    • 3. about the renovation;
  • Legal oversight of investment performance.
  • Legal oversight of investment performance.
  • Analysis of investment parameters and risks
  • Selecting the right tools for the project
  • Choosing the right tools for the project
  • Commercialization of investments


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