Tax advice

CONSELION Law and Taxes offers clients comprehensive advice in the key area of taxation for every enterprise. Our team of experienced lawyers, financiers, analysts and statutory auditors is a guarantee of creating an effective tax policy based on carefully developed procedures and proven legal and financial solutions.


In this respect our offer includes:

The legal form of an enterprise, its size, industry, geographical range - all this has a direct impact on the type of taxation.

We offer ongoing advice on all taxes relating to the activities of business entities and their owners and managers.


Our practice covers taxes:

  • income taxes (PIT, CIT)
  • turnover taxes (VAT, excise tax)
  • Property taxes (e.g. real estate tax, tax on means of transport)


In response to our Clients' questions, we prepare tax opinions and recommendations regarding possible courses of action in this area. We also offer support in proceedings to obtain tax interpretations and VAT refunds.


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