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Legal audit

Legal audit

In every important moment of the company's activities, especially in the course of capital and ownership transformations, it is necessary to assess its functioning in the legal aspect. The essence of the audit is to examine compliance with accepted procedures, fiscal and accounting policy, document templates, methods of communication with the environment and sales and marketing efforts.

Frequent changes in Polish law mean that even small and medium-sized enterprises are exposed to involuntary violation of the provisions in force, which can cause far-reaching financial and criminal sanctions.

This review is conducted not only for compliance with applicable laws and regulations, but also in terms of securing vital interests and positions of the audited subject. Legal audit covers both the states and legal relations that occur in the company's business operations and its corporate sphere.

Legal audits performed by us include:

  • description of current situation of the enterprise,
  • identification of potential risk areas,
  • suggested organizational and legal changes.

Involvement of an external auditor allows obtaining an objective opinion on operation of the enterprise, supplemented with expert advice fully corresponding to the current legal and economic situation.