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Tax audit

Tax audit

We focus on the needs of our Clients in the field of counselling and monitoring financial and legal compliance.

Tax audit is initiated by the taxpayer itself, concerned with verification of the correctness of decisions and actions taken by it, in terms of tax payments. It is also an excellent opportunity to assess issues that may be of interest to control authorities.

We carefully analyse tax solutions adopted by Clients and indicate possible methods of improving them in order to foster achievement of assumed business goals. We examine compatibility of the existing solutions with legal regulations and the extent to which the company uses possibilities offered by the existing rules. Technical evaluation is supplemented with proposals of solutions to increase tax efficiency. In this way, a report is drawn up that facilitates implementation or improvement of tax strategy in the enterprise.

In conditions of high volatility of tax and legal regulations we act as a compass thanks to which business Clients can develop safely and innovatively at the same time.